Study in Italy Guide

Studying in Pisa: An Insider's Guide

Gracy Rigano, who is studying business economics at the University of Pisa, shares her favorite things to do as a student in this famous Italian city.

1. Enjoy the local food

Most people agree that Italian cuisine is among the best in the world. I’d recommend the traditional snack schiacciata con cecina – a kind of pizza-base sandwich, with a chickpea omelette inside (sounds strange, but trust me, it’s good). Wash it down with a glass of spuma bionda, a popular sweet soft drink.

Tuscany is famous for its excellent meats and wines of world renown, and Pisa offers a selection of the best. If you want to enjoy an aperitif with friends in true Italian style, made from local products, drop by the ‘In Vino Veritas’ bar – you won’t regret it. The manager is a nice character, and a very typical Pisan. He’ll give you a good introduction to Pisan culture and suggest some excellent dishes for you to sample.

Studying in Pisa: An Insider's Guide2. Have a drink with friends

Pisa is not a huge metropolis, so don’t expect lots of big clubs. However, there are still plenty of pleasant places to spend an evening – after all, it’s not the place that’s important, but the people you’re with!

For those who are into ‘alternative’ genres of music, the Borderline Club is the place to go. From Rock to Metal, Hard to Blues, Alternative Folk and even Swing, Ska, Reggae, Surf and Ethno music, in this club music is played to suit all ears. On many evenings there’s also good quality live music. The Exwide Club is a similar venue.

If you’re in the mood to relax with a drink and maybe something to eat, Bazeel is a popular option among young people. You can stay indoors, or find a place at an outdoor table in Piazza Garibaldi, while admiring the river Arno and the middle bridge with the clock tower on the other side.

Alternatively you can always walk a short distance to Piazza Delle Vettovaglie, a square close to Borgo Stretto, which attracts young people as a meeting point in the evening, and where you can find several bars and cafes.

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