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University of Milano - Bicocca, Mailand

The University of Milano Università degli studi di Milano – Bicocca is a young, dynamic and multidisciplinary university, which in ten years has created an extensive network of relationships and collaborations with many world-famous universities, research centres and top corporations. The university is offering courses – Bachelors, Masters, PhD - that aim to prepare its students to brave the challenges of a complex and changing world.

The University of Milano - Bicocca has eight faculties covering humanities and sciences. The Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences provides a solid scientific education to better enable students to adapt to evolving methods and technologies and guarantees them a competitive edge in the job market. Students attend lab sessions assisted by lecturers, researchers, and technicians. The Faculty manages the organisation of internships and apprenticeships in companies or national and international research agencies. Research for experimental thesis can be carried out in the university's labs, in corporations or in Italian and international research labs in close collaboration with the University.

The Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences is offering, among other programmes, Bachelor's programmes in Biology, Biotechnology and Environmental Sciences as well as Master's programmes in Bioinformatics, Biology, Environmental Sciences and Industrial Biotechnology.

University of Sassari, Sardinien

Founded in 1558, the University of Sassari is one of the most ancient universities of Italy. Today, the University, which is of medium size, has a total number of over 18.000 students and about 800 teachers. The research structures are interdisciplinary, flexible and the projects respond to the changing research needs. Lessons are held in Italian but are frequently done in other languages, especially in English. There is a specific programme for e-learning in each faculty of the University.

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