University of Florence, Italy

Florence 3 (Venice)Students live in apartments in the heart of Florence in this 4-week program. They use the facilities of the Florence institute, the Santa Reparata International School of Art, to enroll in 2 courses offered by Maryville and other St. Louis-area and MOSAIC faculty. Students live in apartments in central Florence. Excursions to Siena and other local sites are included, plus there are optional day as well as overnight trips to Venice, the Amalfi Coast, and Rome. Return date depends on participation in Rome optional excursion.Trevii Fountain Estimated total cost (includes tuition, housing, food, and local excursions) for 6 credits is , 595 plus airfare (estimated at approximately , 375). 3 additional credits are available for $750. (Costs vary for optional trips.) Courses are for 3 credits each.

Study of Human Body through Great Italian Renaissance Artists (Natalia Moraru – MU)
The Italian Renaissance artists Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael set a new standard in their portrayals of the human figure. They produced images of the body that combined medical knowledge and an artistic vision of humanity’s place in the world.Florence Justin picture They also significantly influenced our understanding of the human form in art and science. Italian Renaissance art can hardly be imagined apart from the discoveries in the human body’s structure. Italian humanists demonstrated how extremely complicated but at the same time perfect and beautiful the human body is. That is why learning Human Anatomy along with studying of Italian art masterpieces can be very important and impressive for both science and arts major students. And that is why Florence with its magnificent enjoyable atmosphere that inspired the great Italian humanists to create their fabulous paintings and sculptures would be the perfect place for students to learn all the inheritance of Italian masters and feel and understand that Human Anatomy has a great beauty.

Ellen in Pisa Cody. Renee, Nicole and Ashley in the Colosseum
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