Education in Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany, Italy Cooking School

May be exactly what you are looking for. With our educational cooking courses, Tuscany vacations with The International Kitchen give you the ability to combine a love of the culinary arts and travel into an extraordinary experience. Our Tuscan cooking school vacation to this distinct region of Italy will give you the rare opportunity to explore one of the most beautiful areas in the world while learning about regional cuisine through a customized cooking class run by local chefs.

Cooking Courses: Tuscany

Our Tuscany culinary education vacations provide a complete package of the Italian cooking school experience, including instruction from local chefs, combining beautiful scenery with the feel of an authentic experience. Our Tuscany cooking school programs teach you to make classic Tuscan dishes and the art of culinary presentation in a hands-on environment. With instructors who have warmly agreed to open their kitchens to provide you with the best possible cooking school experience available, you will become intimate with the cuisine and the culture of this special region of Italy. All classes and instruction during events are taught in English (or, occasionally, in Italian with an interpreter), and all necessary equipment is provided.

Tuscan Cooking School Experience

Your personal cooking school experience here depends on the vacation you choose. From three to seven days in Tuscany, you will enjoy the entirety of cooking courses. From visiting the markets to enjoying delightful meals with your instructors and classmates, cooking programs provide you with a complete vacationing experience. View the list of cooking courses in Tuscany.

Tuscany Cooking School Programs

For a truly unique culinary experience that cannot be matched, you must experience a cooking course in Tuscany. Participating in this program affords you the unique opportunity to experience first-hand authentic Italian food techniques and recipes that have been developed and perfected as they have been handed down over the generations in Italy. We are proud of the total cultural immersion that our Tuscan cooking schools provide, offering our students a unique vacation opportunity for personal enrichment and enjoyment. If you have always dreamed of taking a cooking course in Italy, now is the time.

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