Why Study Abroad in Italy?

Visiting Assisi during study abroad in ItalyWhether you come to study the romantic Italian language, reconnect with your family heritage, or become a gelato connoisseur, Italy offers incredible study abroad opportunities for American college students — and not only for art or Italian majors. Courses in less traditional disciplines at the Umbra Institute, such as business, psychology, creative writing, and sustainability, introduce students to differing worldviews. These course offerings make study abroad in Italy a viable option for variety of academic disciplines at all levels of Italian.

Top Three Reasons to Choose Italy

  • So Much to See! Wherever you are in Italy, you are never far from famous historical landmarks and beautiful sights.
  • Mix of Old & New Italy has transformed itself over the centuries while maintaining strong traditions and la dolce vita (the good life). There is no better place to study these traditions and transformations than in Italy through courses in Renaissance art, food and cultural studies, modern economics, international marketing, and more.
  • Language & Cultural Immersion Italy may be a major world economy and tourist destination, but Italians have unique regional and local cultures, ranging from different cuisines to spoken dialects. With the Italian language as the key, study abroad students can unlock a modern society with close ties to its past.

Where Should YOU Study Abroad in Italy?

The country of Italy may span a small geographic

area, but it has a widely varied landscape: from modern European cities to small medieval villages, from beach towns along the endless coastlines to pristine mountainside villages in the north. Where should you study abroad in Italy?

Do you envision yourself walking down narrow Italian streets and greeting familiar faces each day?

Smaller Italian cities and towns can become your home-away-from-home in just a short time. Perugia offers lots to do but is more manageable than larger international cities, especially for the temporary resident. Many larger cities are only a short train ride away from Perugia and Europe’s low cost airlines also serve the city making travel throughout Europe on the weekends easily within reach.

Will you feel more comfortable spending time abroad with many other Americans or will you seek a destination off the beaten path?

If you want to immerse yourself in Italian culture and mix with the locals, look more closely at the authentic university townof Perugia. Between Italian students and international students enrolled at the local language university, Perugia’s 40, 000 students make up more than one-third of its total population. You’ll never have a hard time meeting new friends!

How to Choose the Best Study Abroad Program for You

Your living arrangement can make or break your experience abroad. What housing options are available?

  • Living with other Americans also studying abroad ensures that you won’t have a language barrier at home with your roommates.
  • Mixed apartments with international students can offer both language immersion and the freedom to come and go as you please.
  • Homestays may offer an incredibly immersive experience but may also allow for less independence on a day-to-day basis.
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Study Abroad

by rocket242

Hi. I'm a sophomore in college right now and I'm starting to look into study abroad programs for next year. I have already traveled a lot -England, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Israel, Greece, Spain, Portugal-- but I think that actually living somewhere foreign and going to school there will be a totally different experience. My problem is that I don't know where to go. I always thought it would be somewhere in Europe so that I could have the option of exploring different countries during the weekend since they are all relatively close to one another, but now I'm starting to think that I should be going somewhere more adventurous

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A mature western hedge of bay trees near the garden's front entrance is a reminder of a favourite Italian cooking school Julie attended. Changing the large stairwell's windows from orangey-brown to clear glass flooded it with light.

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Nabu Press Art studies: the old masters of Italy
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Why Study Abroad?
Why Study Abroad?
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:60 On Study Abroad: Why Do a Gap Study Abroad Program?
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Study abroad in Florence, Italy with Panrimo
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nahid a
What the requirements study in italy?

How to get student visa of Italy? requirements paper?

Do you want to study aboard in italy?
the requirements depend on the programs..

Lets say if you want to go for a year to University of Bologna..
The following will be the requirements:

Program-Specific Requirements
Class level: junior, senior, graduate
Language prerequisite: Minimum two years of first- and second-year university-level Italian or one year plus enrollment in the summer pre-ILP
GPA: 2.85 cumulative and 2.85 language GPA at the time of application and maintained through the end of the last term prior to departure

I am going to study abroad in Italy for 6 months, how do I go about getting a Visa?

I live if FL, and I will be going to Italy in January of 2013. I plan on applying for my passport this week, but how do I go about applying for a visa? Like do I have to go somewhere I do I apply on line?
Also, any tips for studying abroad in Italy?
Thanks in advanced!

Read page 21/22 of the attached brochure about the requirements for foreign students in Italy:

The long-stay visa for the purpose of study must be applied for at the Italian Consulate General in Miami, FL. Student visa are free of charge.

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