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Don't You, Forget About Me

10320587_10152392591483373_7915084621778394416_nThe day has come. I am leaving this beautiful town I’ve grown to love and call home for the last three months. I knew this semester would come to an end sooner or later, but not as quickly as it has. This experience I have received will forever be incomparable to anything else. I will think back to these months and specific moments during my lifetime and feel such joy, inspiration and hope.

Before I go into my recap of the last three months, let me tell you about my last week here. Tuesday the 29th I had my final review of my Theatre Complex. Some Italian architects and engineers along with Peter Lang and some professors from TAMU came to give critiques. Everyone had a very successful review and enjoyed a day of listening to and observing each other’s work. Wednesday we had our final group photo for Spring 2014 with the EDU and Chinese group! Wednesday and Thursday were just typical days in Castig, usual trip to Sfitz and La Posta included. On Thursday, a huge market and carnival came into town! The streets were flooded with people shopping and going to ride the rides. Friday we had our final history presentation. Our groups got to choose anything we wanted to present on and then present a power point to the class. Everyone selected pretty interesting topics so it wasn’t so bad to sit through. Friday evening I spent playing card games with Val at La Posta. Saturday was a pretty chill day. I spent a lot of time hanging out at La Posta until dinner. My group of friends put together a slide show with all of our favorite photos and videos to watch before our last night out on the town.10167923_10203799226081989_4347360746533408471_n It was sooo good! I laughed and cried the whole way through. Afterward we went around saying a few words about our trip and what it meant to us (which got pretty emotional). Then we all went out to La Posta for our last night in Castig. It was very fun and one I will cherish for the rest of my life. Also Saturday and Sunday were my last two times to eat at Roggi’s for lunch L SAD DAY. I will miss that place so incredibly much! I wrapped up my developing pictures Sunday and Monday. I will miss that photography room and my cute old Italian professor! Sunday evening we had an open house for the community and our host families, showing off all our work for them and then had a dinner following. Sharon hired a band to come play, and they played a number of songs from the 70’s and 80’s. It was a very good event put on by Santa Chiara. Hillary and I’s family could not make it, so we let Valentino pretend he was our family for the evening. After dinner we three played ping-pong and then Val and I went to watch a movie. Today (Monday the 5th), I packed, developed some pictures, went and had my last cappuccino at Sfitz, went to this really cool Zoo/Park thing Valentino has been wanting to take me to, and then went to say goodbye to his family! It was pretty sad, but it has been a good day so far. After dinner I checked out, had dinner, then spent my very last evening with my Italian friends at wine bar. Saying goodbye was harder than I had imagined. Especially saying goodbye to Valentino. We leave for Rome at 5:30am and our flight to North Carolina is at 11:20am. Texas bound here I come.

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A mature western hedge of bay trees near the garden's front entrance is a reminder of a favourite Italian cooking school Julie attended. Changing the large stairwell's windows from orangey-brown to clear glass flooded it with light.

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Italian cooking school: Tuesday, May 13, 6:30 p.m.; with Scott Schillinger; topic is sauce with meatballs and antipasto. Cost: $55; $45 members. Sally Carlow Kohler lecture series: Last Wednesday of every month; Watson-Curtze Mansion, 356 W. Sixth St.

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nahid a
What the requirements study in italy?

How to get student visa of Italy? requirements paper?

Do you want to study aboard in italy?
the requirements depend on the programs..

Lets say if you want to go for a year to University of Bologna..
The following will be the requirements:

Program-Specific Requirements
Class level: junior, senior, graduate
Language prerequisite: Minimum two years of first- and second-year university-level Italian or one year plus enrollment in the summer pre-ILP
GPA: 2.85 cumulative and 2.85 language GPA at the time of application and maintained through the end of the last term prior to departure

I am going to study abroad in Italy for 6 months, how do I go about getting a Visa?

I live if FL, and I will be going to Italy in January of 2013. I plan on applying for my passport this week, but how do I go about applying for a visa? Like do I have to go somewhere I do I apply on line?
Also, any tips for studying abroad in Italy?
Thanks in advanced!

Read page 21/22 of the attached brochure about the requirements for foreign students in Italy:

The long-stay visa for the purpose of study must be applied for at the Italian Consulate General in Miami, FL. Student visa are free of charge.

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