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Hello from Naples!

This summer we had the good fortune of welcoming to Naples Emily and Nina, who came to spend the second part of their Summer Multisite Program, "Food and Culture in the Mediterranean" - which ran for the first time this very summer.

The students had spent the first part of their summer study abroad period in Alicante, and their arrived on June 26 full of the wonder of the experience up to that moment and full of expectations for the three and a half weeks to be spent in another fabolous mediterranean city! And time just flew by ...

Academic Highlights: Course and Activities

Students attended the summer version of our course "Italian and Neapolitan Cuisine: Local Food, Global Implications", taught by an enthusiastic young anthropoligist and featuring the guest-lecturer presence of one of the main experts on food and culture in Italy. The course was taught in a semi-intensive modality, with classes four times a week, and it comprised a number of visits to pizza-makers, pastry shops, and more!

Among else, accompanied by Marzia, students also visited artisan workshops crafting pastori - terracotta or porcelain figurines used to decorate the presepi, Neapolitan world-famous nativity scenes. Presepi do not only display baby Jesus in a crib and the Holy Family, but also lots of street-life scenes, as if baby Jesus had been born among stall, shops, and taverns in seventeenth-century Naples - and food preparation and consumption is a major portion of this!

Field Trips

Our day trip was to Capri, to admire the legendary beauty of the isle and to see with our eyes why the Roman Emperor Tiberius (14-37 A.D.) chose it as the site of his retreat from the year 27 A.D. We visited Villa Jovis, Tiberus's magnificent palace, one of the most interesting - and scenic - archaeological sites of the region.

Did you know that the historic center in Naples is a World Heritage site recognized by UNESCO? But there's more. While ancient Naples is a universal human patrimony because of its cultural and historical value, other areas in the Campania region are protected because of their natural beauty and environmental value. The weekend overnight trip this summer was to another UNESCO site! Accompanied by a guide expert in the local natural environment, students hiked the Sentiero degli Dei (Path of the Gods). This UNESCO protected track starts on top of the mountains of the Costiera Sorrentina and ends on the water in Positano, at the heart of the Costiera Amalfitana. Along the path Mediterranean vegetation is rich and various - including many herbs used for cooking.Con snorkel Last but not least, the view is literally breathtaking, uniquely combining mountains, hills, cliffs, and blue sea. The hiking group was composed by Resident Coordinator Camilla, Emily, Nina, Tony, and Martina.

(Wanna know more about Tony and Martina? It's quite a story - one of long-time involvement with CIEE! Tony is a CIEE alumnus. He spent two semesters on the semester CIEE Liberal Arts program and he's by now more Neapolitan than Neapolitans themselves! Martina has been a roommate to CIEE semester Classical Studies students, and it all started with her being a CIEE "language and culture peer" in Spring semester 2012.)

Emily, Nina, and Martina preparing meatballs cooked in tomato sauce, following Martina's family recipe

Con pizza Pastori-donne-1 Sentiero 3 Polpette 2

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In Tuscany

by ---

I know Tuscany isn't Rome, but I do know this much from a personal experience abroad:
I did a summer abroad when I was an undergrad. The course offerings were Italian Language, Italian Film and Italian Lit. I had studied Italian in high school, so I opted for the other choices. However, there were many in our group who opted for the language.
Profs from my school taught my classes, but they "contracted out" so to speak to a local language institute. I remember the students who took classes there calling it "Il Sasso" which means "The Something" (sorry it's been a long time since I took Italian)

Having a kid w/ disability

by survivedandmore

The following is one of the ways people explain what it's like to have a child with disabilities.
Let's say you've always wanted to go to Rome. Your company calls and announces that YOU finally get a chance to go live in Rome and you jump at it. You study Italian. You pore over magazines to figure out what to wear. You brag to all your friends and take orders for Only in Italy merchandise and shamelessly promise unlimited Italian vacations. You convert your dollars to lire and get a local bank account. You study the culture, the roadmaps, you get your Italian drivers license. Finally the day comes and you board the plane, all excited about going to Rome

Digging up petrarch

by player

ROME (Reuters) - The 14th century Italian poet Francesco Petrarch left hundreds of letters detailing his life and thoughts. Now scientists plan to dig up his remains to find out more about his flesh and bones.
Researchers will open the poet's marble casket this month in Arqua Petrarca, a village in northern Italy where he died in 1374 and that was renamed for him. They will scrutinize his remains for clues on his physical appearance and health record.
"If the remains are in good condition, we will be able to find out what Petrarch looked like, his height and girth, and also his illnesses," Vito Terribile Wiel Marin, professor of pathological anatomy at the University of Padua, told Reuters on Monday

Pinch me!

by wowwwwza!

I just landed a job in Italy.
It all started as kind of a joke - I saw this tourism promotion job posted online in October and applied, thinking that I was totally not qualified but what did I have to lose other than an hour of my time.
One thing led to another, they called, we had a video conf interview, then they flew me into Boston where they have their US HQ, and ta-daaa..... I just found my confirmation email from Rome.
Gotta go, gotta study up on my Italian.
Pizza and red wine for all on me tonight!
*does the happy dance*

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Max Pwet
Where to study italian in Italy?

I will go for a month in italy to study italian, but I can't decide where to go.

I already went briefly to Rome, naples and the amalfitan coast. (1 week)

I have it down to either 3 regions: toscana(florence), lazio(rome) or campania (naples).

I don't know which to choose, anyone has experiences?

I agree with the suggestion of "Politically Correct", but not because italian is purer in Tuscany than elsewhere.

The main reason is that in Tuscany the dialectal accent of spoken italian, albeit present and immediately detectable by those italians who hear someone from Tuscany speak, is less strong than in other parts of Italy.

By the way, nowhere in Italy the "pure" italian of the news speakers on TV is spoken: each and every region, province, city and town has its own dialectal accent that can be easily identified by italians.

Naples, Italy?

Does anyone have any cool facts about Naples? I'm doing a project on it and anything that has o do with Social Studies/History is especially appreciated. I also want to know how I could make the poster that I have to do with my project. I was thinking of a cool print in the background of a poster board and biug words Naples, Italy and a big collage of pictures of villages and stuff. Any pictures? Thanks alot! ☻

Grandma just came back from a cruise from italy and she went to Naples and they have amazing italian leather purses haha not exacly history but yea they're awesome i posted a link about facts from italy

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