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Undergraduate Program in Italian Studies

Italy1Italy is the cradle of western civilization: seat of the Roman Empire and the Catholic Church, the cultural center and economic powerhouse of the Mediterranean for nearly two millennia. And because of its geographic situation it has acted as a bridge between Europe and the southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean throughout its history. No nation is more important to Europe's past or more central to its future.

The Italian Studies major introduces students to Italian civilization and teaches them the skills that will give them access to contemporary Italy. At the same time, the major emphasizes Italy's important role in a global context, its history of communication with the rest of the world, and its multi-ethnic future. Students may take courses in Italian language, literature, history, art history, cinema and opera for credit toward the major.

Italy is a very popular study abroad destination for Miami students, second only to the Miami campus at Luxembourg in yearly enrollments. Students may take our summer language courses in Urbino, a beautiful Renaissance city in northern Italy. Or they may register in a wide range of approved courses, offered by other Miami departments and by other universities.

The Italian Studies program sponsors film series every year, and a weekly Italian Table, where students can practice their Italian over dinner.

Requirements for the B. A. in Italian Studies

First year Italian language courses (ITL 101 and 102 or ITL 105.W) are prerequisites for the major; the student will take 30 credit hours of Italian and Italian related courses above the 100 level. Italy: Matrix of Civilization (ITL 221) is required for all majors. Students will select a minimum of 18 hours from core courses in Art, Classics, History, Italian Studies, or Music, and the remaining hours (a maximum of 9) from either core courses or our list of auxiliary Italian-related courses (see below for details).

Core courses: 18 to 27 hours should be taken from ART 314, ART 484, CLS 102, CLS 402, HST 315, HST 328, HST 452, ITL 201 and ITL 202 (or ITL 205.W), ITL/AMS/FST 222, ITL/FST 262, ITL 301, ITL 302, ITL 305.W, ITL/ENG 364, ITL/ENG 401, ITL 410, or MUS 180.B.

Any remaining hours, a maximum of 9, can be taken from ARC 405.E, ART 316, ART 381, ART 382, ART 383, CLS 215, CLS 224, CLS 332, HST 448, or HST 449.

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If its an English School You May Be OK

by Spagetti343

If your course of study is in english you may be okay but if its in Italian you better get your head in the language books today.
Be mindful the culture of learning will be different as well. The school may have lecture sessions and separate tutor sessions rathere than a traditional "American" style class.
Rome and the norther parts of Italy are neopolitan so you can get by with speaking english. The south (South of Rome) can is a little more difficult but its still not impossible to live there with limited Italian.
I wouldn't wast your money if your course of study is in Italian and are expected to be fluent in a few months

Windows to the Shore's soul  — New Zealand Herald
A mature western hedge of bay trees near the garden's front entrance is a reminder of a favourite Italian cooking school Julie attended. Changing the large stairwell's windows from orangey-brown to clear glass flooded it with light.

Upcoming classes, lectures in Erie region  —
Italian cooking school: Tuesday, May 13, 6:30 p.m.; with Scott Schillinger; topic is sauce with meatballs and antipasto. Cost: $55; $45 members. Sally Carlow Kohler lecture series: Last Wednesday of every month; Watson-Curtze Mansion, 356 W. Sixth St.

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Studying in New Zealand?

Why I have never heard of anyone studying abroad in NZ? Is there anything wrong or not worthy about the country? I love its nature and peace. Just wondering why almost nobody talks about this country or wanting to live/work/study there.

I would hear from most people wanting to study abroad, countries would be: UK, France, Australia, Italy, Canada, Germany.

I agree the countries you've listed are more popular than NZ. However, i'm doing further studies in Italy right now after having completed my undergraduate degree in NZ and i have to say, I don't feel that Italy is more superior. The education system (and also the bureaucratic) is much worse than NZ. I also know alot of people go to Germany for the good pay.

First of all, NZ has a very short history as you already know and for this fact, even in the 1990's alot of people still didn't know where NZ was. It's just not popular because it's still relatively unreached place.…

Study abroad??

I want to study abroad in england, italy or spain... my question is ( im a juinor in high school) could i start my freshmen year abroad or do i have to go to a school in the U.S. first then transfer.. could i do my whole degree overseas and would it be recoginzed in the U.S. ???

It depends on how and where you really want to get your undergraduate degree. If you really want to study overseas for the entire 4-years, then you have to apply to a university in your choices of England, Italy or Spain.

Be aware, however that you will need to have your passport, student visa and entry clearance. In-order to obtain your visa, you need to show that you are able to pat the entire cost of your trip, i.e. tuition, accommodation, fees, and living expenses. It is really expensive to study overseas, as the US dollar is not worth anything compared to the Euro…

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