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Educators in Italy speak the language of music and learning

Italy trainingWith educators in over 70 countries, you can imagine we speak a lot of languages when we get together! Thankfully, we do share one common language: music and learning. A group of VYL ELL teachers in Italy recently experienced this common language at a one-day training session hosted by Kindermusik.

Danny Berryman and Laura D’Abbondanza, Kindermusik project leaders and Teacher Trainers in Italy, brought together this group of VYL ELL teachers from Lingua Point in Reggio Emilia and The Victoria Company in Recanati and Jesi for a one-day training session using ABC English & Me, Kindermusik’s English Language Learning curriculum. Lingua Point and The Victoria Company are both authorized Cambridge ESOL examination centers, recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education and Members of the Italian Association of Language Schools (AISLI), founded in 1979 to promote excellent teaching standards.

Italy ESL trainingAnd, even though we know “We Love Kindermusik” Week officially ended last week, we didn’t want to wait until next year to share with you why these VYL ELL teachers in Italy love Kindermusik! Here’s what some of them had to say about the experience.

Why VYL ELL teachers in Italy love Kindermusik…

“I’ve really enjoyed this ABC English & Me Training day. It was very informative and gave us many opportunities to try out this comprehensive and effective way of teaching. I was pleased to see that it is based on strong research and feel it is something that will surely help me develop, both professionally and personally. I am confident that this method of teaching will successfully bring a whole new way of language learning to this school that can only benefit our students.” ~ Kate Letts – Lingua Point

“During the workshop, we learned an innovative method for teaching English to children aged 2 to 7 years old. This method, Kindermusik, combines music and movement for language acquisition; and is loaded with lots of fun! We also had a great time by emerging ourselves in the method with the techniques learned in class during role-play sessions.” ~ Julia Stegmann – Lingua Point

Italy ESL training“Danny Berryman and Laura D’Abbondanza, Kindermusik project leaders and Teacher Trainers here in Italy, gave Lingua Point the opportunity to get to know and experience an engaging and alternative teaching approach for our most precious clients: kids! The training combined didactics, marketing, and the sharing of ideas. The above, along with a nice lunch and many laughs, were the ingredients of a day that was full of ideas and energy. It is always nice to invest in projects that make you grow! From now on, English learning for our kids from 3 to 6 is going to be set to music.” ~ Enrichetta Antichi, school co-founder – Lingua Point

“This day gave me a new perspective when it comes to teaching English to young children. This method is dynamic, rich and most importantly, fun! It offers structure and more material than a teacher could desire while at the same time not limiting the teacher’s imagination in the education process. It is truly interesting and one to try out!” ~ Oana Alexandra Samolia –The Victoria Company

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I also am not into Montessori... but

by pelican

Montessori schools vary widely.
My mother-in-law gave me Dr. Maria Montessori's book, and I found it kind of weird. For example, Dr. Montessori wants the kids to learn about measuring, so they are supposed to weigh themselves every single day and record that on a chart. Ummm... maybe that was okay for post-WWII Italy, but in the U.S. today, I do NOT want my preschool-aged daughter to get that obsessed with how much she weighs. There's also some weird stuff about how kids need to learn to be creative and explore music, and to do so, they all need to play the exact same recorder in exactly the right way

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A mature western hedge of bay trees near the garden's front entrance is a reminder of a favourite Italian cooking school Julie attended. Changing the large stairwell's windows from orangey-brown to clear glass flooded it with light.

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