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Antonello da Messina (1473)

These 16 week courses (one semester) are for high school or college students wishing to learn Italian online with the guidance of a CyberItalian teacher who monitors and evaluates the student's practice every week. Depending on the school/student needs, these courses can also be tutored only by the school teacher.

Students get assignments and written homework corrections, complete audio lessons, receive personalized feedback and grades, take a midterm test and a final exam.

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Courses: Beginner 1, Beginner 2, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, Advanced 1, Advanced 2
Dates: According to student needs - 16 weeks duration (one semester) - courses start on Monday (every other week)
Includes: Audio/Video Class16 asynchronous sessions, 10 self-administered lessons with exercises and exams, 8 assignments, written homework corrections, personalized feedback and grades from the teacher

7 or more audio-lessons with Pronunciation Guides and Voice Recorder, personalized feedback and grades from the teacher (the number of audio lessons depends on the topics covered in each course)

Class forum (to post assignments, receive corrections, interact with the teacher and with the other students)
Progress report
Mid-term test, final exam
Educational Materials: Online access to Self-Study interactive lessons, audio files, pronunciation guides, exercises, grammar, glossary and fun-learning activities

Testimonial: "Congratulations on the site. I am vice president of a training company in Alexandria, Virginia. I have been thinking a lot about distance learning and looking at a lot of examples. Yours is one of the best I've seen-easy to use, fun, and inviting. It is really inspiring to me as I try to see how our courses could be offered in a new way. Grazie, Sally"

In the CyberItalian Tutored Courses students follow online asynchronous language sessions, complete self-administered lessons with exercises and exams, write their essays, record their voice in the audio lessons, and send their assignments and recordings to the teacher. The teacher monitors the students each week, evaluates their work, grades it and posts corrections and feedback online.

This Tutored Courses include: 16 asynchronous sessions, weekly instructions, access to the CyberItalian interactive lessons, 8 assignments, 7 self-administered audio lessons or audio/video group classes, a midterm test, a final exam and other educational materials provided during the course.

See sample of a beginner session: Tutored Course - Beginner 1, session 1

8 assignments: students post assignments in the Class Forum. The teacher posts corrections and feedback in the Class Forum and in the student's Progress Report (available online 24/7).

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The local vocational school


Will have a reasonable course . gettting into the high line cars is up to you to become an apprentice at . atlanta was big with italian cars in the 80's , so when i skipped school , i went and apprenticed at a shop . there was no factory training with out flying to pallermo . so yea , i did some grunt/shit work for a while , but within 5 months , iwas making more than the teachers i was forgetting . The key is to stay up on other makes too .when the italian market started to dwindle during the daddy bush years , i was fortunate enought o have taken some bosch factory schooling , and made a lateral move to german cars

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