Best fashion Schools in Italy

The School of Fashion in Milano, Paris, London and Shanghai: best

the international fashion school par excellence

Istituto Marangoni is the international fashion school par excellence, with four campuses in the most prestigious venues of international fashion. In Milano, the capital of Made in Italy, in Paris, the home of haute couture, in London, where trends are born and Shanghai, where fashion is the future, Istituto Marangoni is able to offer different visions of the contemporary fashion system to its students.

Istituto Marangoni is a school where the passion for fashion unites distant cultures, different ideas and young people from all over the world. Entering Istituto Marangoni means being part of a very special community, where fashion is the common denominator in all its most cosmopolitan aspects.

The 4 sites of Istituto Marangoni are truly one of the most international student contexts in the world, with more than 2, 500 students from 92 countries, each with infinite interests, styles, and knowledge. Attending this school is equivalent to a life experience while being immersed in the passion for fashion, learning and being enriched by coming into contact with the most varied and interesting cultural realities.

"White Shoe," as in "White Shoe Firm"

by Patrick_Bateman_VP

The fashion gave birth to the term “white shoe,” usually applied to a law or financial firm that hired WASPy guys from elite universities and catered to an Old Money clientele.
The source is white ”bucks,” the casual, carefully scuffed buckskin shoes with red rubber soles and heels worn by generations of college men at Ivy League schools. Many of these kids, supposedly never changing their beloved footgear, went on to become masters of the universe on Wall Street and in the best-known law firms.
In its early days, the adjective was used in an envious, resentful way by those with less-privileged backgrounds; now it is either a dispassionate description of elitism or a passionate derogation of old-fogeyism. However, some of the nouveau-riche derogators of the old-line...

FIT and other schools

by futuredesignschools

Like you I have a BS in Fashion Merchandising and am now trying to go back for design. I know that FIT is a great school but they are pretty strict with the portfolio. I can't draw either but if you can come up with a creative way to present your portfolio its worth a shot. Compared to FIDM I think that FIT is a lot better. They have great connections since being right in NYC. Have you looked into schools in Europe? Central St. Martins is one of the top if not the top school in the world for fashion design. I am currently applying to Polimoda in Florence Italy. It is also a great school and worth checking out since it works with FIT for study abroad programs

Pantelis G. 'Pandy' Zolas  — Lewiston Sun Journal
He finished gymnasium in Athens, Greece, and attended university in Italy. Pandy received his doctorate in naval architecture, marine and mechanical engineering from the University of Naples, Italy.

CUORE - Heart Italian Leather Cell Phone Charm
Apparel ()
  • Handmade in Italy with genuine vegetable-tanned Vacchetta leather
  • Size in inches: 1 x 1 x 1/4
  • Charm hangs approx 2 from point of attachment
  • Lobster-clasp hook allows for easy removal of the charm
  • Can also be attached to zipper pulls, purses, key rings, or used as wine charms
Ray-Ban Ray-Ban RB3016 Classic Clubmaster Sunglasses, Non-Polarized, Tortoise/Arista Frame/Crystal Green Lens, 49 mm
Apparel (Ray-Ban)
  • Every model in the Ray-Ban collection is the product of meticulous, original styling that translates the best of the latest fashion trends into an ever-contemporary...
  • Ray-Ban sizes refer to the width of one lens in millimeters.
  • Ray-Ban products sold by authorized sellers, like, are eligible for all manufacturer warranties and guarantees.
  • Protective case included, cases come in a variety of colors.
  • Lenses are prescription-ready (Rx-able).
  • Made in China
  • Made in Italy or China.
  • Ray-Ban products include an etched RB on the left lens. The RB is not a scratch or defect.
  • The shape and curvature of these sunglasses may need adjustments. Adjustments should only be made by a professional.
Jun Planning Pullip Byul Dollte Porte Leroy Doll
Toy (Jun Planning)
  • Super-cute Pullip Byul Dollte Porte Leroy Doll! Elegant fashion combines 17th-century baroque and modern elements. Fully articulated, with an umbrella and eyes...
  • Take Dal s best friend home today! This super-cute Pullip Byul Dollte Porte Leroy Doll comes with an umbrella and doll stand. Byul s fashion-fantasy costume is...
  • Her antique jacket lends to the mature, feminine look, while the umbrella with black lace and flower patterns further accentuates femininity and boldness. Fully...
  • Byul is Dal s best friend. Innocent and delicate, she is 13 years old and was born in Italy. Byul does not speak Korean very well and, like Dal, she attends a Korean...
  • She has a big crush on Isul (Pullip s little brother), and she secretly makes presents for him. Byul loves cute, feminine clothing, and her dream is to become a...


I'm Princess
Cooking Schools in Italy?

I am looking to visit a cooking school with three friends. We are not worried about cost, but rather more concerned with having a really nice place to stay where they also offer Italian cooking classes. Anywhere from five to ten days. Has anyone been to one they can suggest?

This one in Toscana would be an excellent choice: are lots of these covering all the regions in Italy.

Good cooking schools/classes in Florence, Italy?

I am studying abroad next Spring and I am also interested in the culinary arts and perhaps making it a career.

I lived in Italy, depends on the school.
There are some good and some crap, however it is always better to eat in italy

Any Culinary Schools in Italy?

Hi i want to become a chef for my career an id like to go to college in Italy for culinary.
Anyone know of any culinary institutes/ culinary schools???

thnx :] !!

(im not talking cooking classes for a week, im talking about a Culinary School)

Just google it, you'll get many choices.

Top cooking school in asia?


The Seafood School is a purpose-built cooking school which opened last year as part of the new Auckland Fish Market. After a 45-minute demonstration in the auditorium kitchen, you can try your hand at creating the dishes under the guidance of the chef - in this writer's case master sushi chef Minoru Yamazaki. Classes are themed and take their inspiration from a wide variety of cuisines: Spain, Italy, Morocco, Mexico, France, Croatia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Caribbean, as well as from the Pacific Rim and New Zealand's own Kai Moana.…

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