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CAUTION: Extra long post, but lots of pictures for your enjoyment!

FIRENZE. Of course two of my friends from Boston/Posse*/Bucknell decide to visit Florence and me the weekend right before my midterms. Sepehr, who is a senior civil engineer major in Bucknell Boston Posse 1, is stopping in Florence for the final stretch of his fall break; he is studying abroad through Bucknell in London. Sarah and I are representing Bucknell Posse 2. Sarah is an international relations and Italian major and she is studying abroad at the Universita di Bologna. I feel like I’m describing characters in a story, but anyways they visit me in Florence and I show them around my city!

We wander around the center and stop at one of my favorite gelatarias, Perche No! (which translates to Why Not!), and I take them to my favorite spot (Piazzale Michaelangelo of course!). For dinner, Sarah, Sepehr, Christina, Kara and I go to MoYo, an appertivi place in Santa Croce. Appertivis are popular here in Italy. Basically, you buy a drink and the cost covers food, which is set out in a buffet style. What’s neat about MoYo is that they serve different types of food depending on the day of the week: for example, one day is a Japanese sushi appertivi, another night is a Mexican appertivi, and the weekends are usually the traditional Tuscan appertivi.

The next day, I meet up with Sarah and Sepehr later in the evening after they had finished exploring the Uffizi. Tim and Christina join us. The five of us attempt to find the best pizza in Florence at a place called Pizzeria Spera and we do find after a few turns down the wrong streets. I had Google mapped the address for the pizzeria, but I did not think much about the number. I forgot to take into account the color of the number in the address. In Florence, the streets are divided into sides with even numbers and odd numbers like in the U.S. However, Florence also has an additional factor, where residential numbers are color coded as black and commercial (stores and restaurants) numbers as red. We arrived at 9 black, which took us to the front of an apartment building. We had to walk all the way down in the opposite direction to finally reach La Pizzeria Spera at 9 red. The owners of the pizzeria are from Naples, so the pizza was guaranteed to be delicious and we had the thicker pizza as opposed to the typical thin-crust Florentine pizza. After dinner, I took everyone to the gelateria, where my Italian class had visited the week before. (During my Italian field trip at Il Re Gelato (the gelato king), we watched the Sicilian gelato king make a tub of crème gelato from all natural fresh ingredients and then we each received a small portion for tasting (yummy!).

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