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blog Venice JHUDay 4:

San Marino ” Beach ” Pizza Making and first look at San Marino.

Day 4 was amazing! We got up and were ready to relax and go to the beach, however it was a pleasant surprise to see that the beaches here in Rimini, Italy were a bit different. First, we had an entire section reserved with our own individual cabana-like chairs for the couple hours we would spend on the beach. It was extremely nice and beautiful to lay on the beach and be able to touch the Adriatic Sea! The weather was great, and while some sun bathed, others went around to the cute and lively markets and shops around the area. The awesome fruit and seafood at the beach restaurant and market only added to the great experience too.

And not only was the beach amazing, the authentic pizza making experience was something none of us will ever forget. The chefs and pizza guys were awesome at teaching and helping us, and provided some comic relief for those of us that were not as natural as others.Blog Photo Italians JHU Nevertheless, everyone ended up with tasty personal pizzas. And after pizza the more than accommodating pizza place gave us a huge and ridiculously delicious cake for our teammate Alyson’s birthday. It was overall an amazing and one of a kind day!

Jen Fox

Day 5:

San Marino (second day/night) and 1st day of lacrosse

The Blue Jays are back in action!! It was a whole day dedicated to tweaking twine, ripping g’s and laxin’ it up. We were all so excited to be back on the field doing what we love: playing lacrosse. There was fierce competition among the Dream Team (aka us), the Czechs, the other Czechs, and the UK. We took our first game handedly defeating the first Czech team (aka Prague) and the next two against Czech and the UK followed suit. It was difficult at first to focus on anything but lacrosse with the beautiful landscape encompassing the field, which consisted of rolling hills filled with strategically placed country villas and a enormous bell tower that just so conveniently happened to ring all four of its bells every hour on the hour. It was great to end the day with 3 W’s and high hopes for the next day of play.

The reality remains to be seen JMO.

by Justfactsman95

Comparative analysis does not make you an expert in financial matters such as reconstruction of a country's economy. You have a right to your opinion, just remember it is still an opinion. Mr. Wolfowitz is highly respected by many in his field. He raised $75 million for John Hopkins U. Perhaps he is qualified to make the statement about Iraq.
"The Johns Hopkins University. SAIS is widely regarded as one of the world's leading graduate schools of international relations with 750 students, studying on campuses in Washington, D.C.; Nanjing, China; and Bologna, Italy. As Dean, he led a successful capital campaign that raised more than $75 million and doubled the school's endowment

What does 'realtively soon' mean in your house?

by Just_My_Opinion

If I were to lend someone money under the expectation that they'll pay it back 'relatively soon' (wouldn't happen, but if), 2 years later isn't what I'd be expecting.
"We are dealing with a country that can really finance its own reconstruction and relatively soon."
"Mr. Wolfowitz is highly respected by many in his field."
I'm sure all his cohorts love him.
Wolfowitz is a partisan-hack-liar and a danger to my country.
"He raised $75 million for John Hopkins U."
"The Johns Hopkins University. SAIS is widely regarded as one of the world's leading graduate schools of international relations with 750 students, studying on campuses in Washington, D

Trading Places: software engineer gets an education in Italy and a career in ..  —
Padua is the city where I studied from high school to university, where I graduated in electronic engineering. It is a city with a long history and the University of Padua was founded in 1222 as a school of law.

Today in History - 18th of May  — Daily Times Nigeria
Wojtyla went on to become Pope John Paul II, history's most well-traveled pope and the first non-Italian to hold the position since the 16th century.

Johns Hopkins University Press Venetians in Constantinople: Nation, Identity, and Coexistence in the Early Modern Mediterranean (The Johns Hopkins University Studies in Historical and Political Science)
Book (Johns Hopkins University Press)


Which are the best medical universities in the UK?

I'm italian and next year i should get my "maturità" italian equivalent of A-levels.
I was wondering which were the best medical universities in the UK with GOOD DENTISTRY DEPARTMENTS which is what I'd like to do.
so far i've found Birmingham university, King's college of London and university of manchester.
as I first said I would like to know the best uni's for odontolgy and which is the best for undergrad international students like me.
I'd appreciate a graduating student reply

The best university for Medicine is Oxford, then Edinburgh, then UCL
The best university for medicine in the UK is King's College London, followed by Glasgow University then Cardiff University.

Advice on going to medical school in Italy?

I plan on going to the University of Illinois-at Chicago to enroll in their BSN program to be a registerd nurse, and then I want to furthur my education and go to a medical school in Italy to become a Child Neurologist. After my four years there I would like to come back to the U.S and do my residency for four years. I've heard good and bad things about going to medical school in Italy, but I cant make up my mind...
Please Help!!!
Any Advice Is Needed!!!!
Thank you
-Nancy G.

It's unlikely that you would be accepted into any medical school in Italy (not impossible, just unlikely). Most countries are reluctant to give up one of their seats to a US citizen due to the fact most want to do just what you have indicated--go back to the US.

Italy has 42 medical schools and all are taught in Italian and all are six years. You can find info on each, with a link to its web page at the International Medical Education Directory:

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