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RePost: University of Waterloo School of Architecture in Domus

RePost (Regarding Exhibition Publication Opportunities) features ongoing work by Waterloo Architecture students, faculty, and alumni that has been exhibited, published, or presented in other venues. This series starts up again with an article by former Director and current Associate Professor Rick Haldenby, as well as Lorenzo Pignatti, Associate Professor and Associate Director of the Rome Program. It originally appeared in English and Italian in the issue of . We welcome submissions at

[The] University of Waterloo School of Architecture was founded in 1967, Canada’s centennial year, reflecting the spirit of ambition and optimism expressed in this celebration, especially the landmark World Universal Exposition in Montreal (Expo ’67). It was the first Canadian school of architecture to be located outside a traditional metropolitan centre. The University itself was only ten years old at the time. The school was part of the launch of a new university committed to educational and technological innovation in a community that prides itself on leadership in industry and entrepreneurship. The University of Waterloo has been ranked the most innovative university in Canada in the annual Maclean’s magazine rankings for the last dozen years running. The community is home to more than 1, 000 high-tech start-ups and has produced a steady stream of successful companies, starting with Research in Motion.

The School of Architecture is a fertile home for student initiative. From its foundation in 1967 the School of Architecture has been driven by three complementary characteristics. Waterloo is a co-op school: beginning in second year, all undergraduate students spend each alternate term working in the field of architecture and design, throughout their professional education.domus4 They work for periods of four or eight months between academic terms, and the work is paid. Virtually all jobs are in private architectural practices, and more than a third of the jobs are with firms outside Canada. The network is substantial, and shifts constantly with the market and student interest. At any given moment students are working in 40 to 50 different cities on 5 different continents. The network of connection and conversation involves the school with the practice and discipline of architecture at a global scale. While Waterloo operates on the principle that there is no gap between education and practice, it does not simply train practitioners. From the outset the school presents architecture as a cultural praxis and a field of cultural speculation. The strength of the Cultural History Programme and the fact that the first half of fourth year takes place at the school’s campus in Rome – and has done so for the past 35 years – reflects the commitment to provide a serious conceptual and critical foundation that...

The Gifts of Arabia, Arabic, and Arabs

by justyouraveragecitizen

A is for Arabs
From algebra and coffee to guitars, optics and universities -- an alphabetical reminder of what the West owes to the People of the Crescent Moon.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
By George Rafael
Jan. 8, 2002 | Even before Sept. 11 forced the West to face the cultural friction between it and the Arab/Islamic world, there was an unwarranted sense of superiority. The renowned Italian journalist and interviewer Oriana Fallaci wrote Arab culture off as a few interesting architectural flourishes and the Quran. Apparently, it's easy to forget that history is cyclical and the roles were once reversed

People who are stingy with money are untrustworthy, says Oxford University  —
Researchers from the University of Oxford and the European University Institute, Italy set up a couple experiments where participants played a series of interactive games with no face-to-face contact and had to make decisions about who to trust based ..


Which are the best medical universities in the UK?

I'm italian and next year i should get my "maturità" italian equivalent of A-levels.
I was wondering which were the best medical universities in the UK with GOOD DENTISTRY DEPARTMENTS which is what I'd like to do.
so far i've found Birmingham university, King's college of London and university of manchester.
as I first said I would like to know the best uni's for odontolgy and which is the best for undergrad international students like me.
I'd appreciate a graduating student reply

The best university for Medicine is Oxford, then Edinburgh, then UCL
The best university for medicine in the UK is King's College London, followed by Glasgow University then Cardiff University.

Advice on going to medical school in Italy?

I plan on going to the University of Illinois-at Chicago to enroll in their BSN program to be a registerd nurse, and then I want to furthur my education and go to a medical school in Italy to become a Child Neurologist. After my four years there I would like to come back to the U.S and do my residency for four years. I've heard good and bad things about going to medical school in Italy, but I cant make up my mind...
Please Help!!!
Any Advice Is Needed!!!!
Thank you
-Nancy G.

It's unlikely that you would be accepted into any medical school in Italy (not impossible, just unlikely). Most countries are reluctant to give up one of their seats to a US citizen due to the fact most want to do just what you have indicated--go back to the US.

Italy has 42 medical schools and all are taught in Italian and all are six years. You can find info on each, with a link to its web page at the International Medical Education Directory:

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