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International Design School in Florence & Rome, Italy

Photo of International Design School in Florence & Rome, ItalyAccademia Italiana, Florence & Rome:
Founded in 1984, Accademia Italiana is a top international fashion and design school in Florence and Rome. We provide a range of college education and short-term study options taught in English and Italian that include B.A. bachelor's degree courses, postgraduate diploma (masters) programs, liberal arts academic year / semester abroad programs, monthly courses, summer courses and Italian language & culture programs. Subject fields include fashion design, jewelry design, interior design, graphic design & visual communications, photography, drawing and painting, and more. Bachelor’s degrees are awarded by the University of Wales, a leading UK university. You do not need to speak Italian in order to attend the Accademia Italiana.

Image of International Design School in Florence & Rome, ItalyQuality Art & Design Education:

The Accademia Italiana collaborates with some of the most important art and design universities in the world, and with important companies internationally. This international flavor favors cultural exchange and the development of new ideas that has always characterized the activities of the Institute. Today, thousands of ex-students of our fashion school in Italy hold important roles within companies and they have achieved huge successes in the professional and artistic fields world-wide.

Photos of Accademia Italiana, Florence & RomeAccreditation:
The art programs and Italian language & culture courses offered at the Accademia Italiana have been authorized by the Italian Ministry of Public Education. Our 3-year bachelor's degree programs are dual qualification courses; On successful graduation, you earn a BA (Hons) degree validated by the prestigious University of Wales, a leading UK university, as well as an advanced diploma from Accademia Italiana.

Courses Taught in English & Italian:

You do not need to speak Italian in order to attend the Accademia Italiana. Many courses are taught in both English and Italian. Some courses are taught only in Italian but by instructors who can also speak English to assist students. Italian language classes are offered as part of your program, so eligibility does not depend on your Italian language skills. You will take four 3-credit courses per semester, plus Italian language for 4 credits. eron Plus your natural Eron.

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