Italy Deaf Education

Siena Summer School in Italian Deaf Culture

Siena Summer School in Italian Deaf Culture

Purdue students who have completed ASL 101, ASL 102 and ASL 280 are eligible to apply. Graduate students interested in this program need to discuss their plans with the SLHS.

GPA Requirement: 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
Language Requirement: none
Purdue Credit
Direct Credit available from the following: [College of Health and Human Sciences]
Specifically from: SLHS

If students complete courses while abroad from Purdue colleges that have not approved the program, they might be able to earn transfer credit for those courses. Students interested in pursuing transfer credit should discuss this with both their academic advisor and their study abroad advisor before applying to the program.

Academic Program

The language of instruction will be English with some digressions in Italian Sign Language (LIS) and spoken Italian. Some classes will be co-taught together with the LIS instructor. Course objectives are

  • to experience life in a different culture and gain understanding of the complexity to be found inside Deaf communities;
  • to learn of the history of the Italian Deaf community as retold by their owns hands, and to appreciate what we can learn from their life;
  • to explore a different language, culture, and way of life.

Siena Summer School in Italian Deaf CultureParticipants who successfully complete this program will have ASL 390:Undergraduate Research in ASL (6 credit hours) posted to their transcripts.


All program participants will live in double rooms of a shared apartment near the Siena School.

Estimated Program Costs

Students should carefully note what costs need to be paid to Purdue University or to a co-sponsor or agency, and what costs need to be paid at the overseas study location. This will vary by program.

The US dollar amounts listed below are based on the exchange rate of February 10, 2014.

The program fee includes housing in a double rooom of a shared apartment. An application fee of $40 is required in addition to the costs listed below.

Costs for this program are estimated and subject to change. The cost figures listed below are for: Summer 2014

Costs per term to be billed by Purdue and Co-sponsor
Program Fee $2, 698.00
Study Abroad Fee $304.71
Purdue International Insurance (per month) $32.00
- $1000

Approximate additional costs per term
To be paid by the student.
Round-trip Airfare $1, 200.00
Books and Supplies $70.00
Meals $540.00
Miscellaneous Personal Expenses $1, 000.00 -$2, 000.00
Travel Documents (passport, photos) $175.00
Financial Aid

Purdue University financial aid may be applied to the costs of studying abroad. Students interested in receiving financial aid should

NOTE: Recipients of certain tuition remission and scholarship programs should pay careful attention to the regulations for using those benefits for study abroad. Ask your financial aid advisor about any limitations.

Application Deadlines Report upon State education in Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Belgium & the United States of America; including a special report upon deaf-mute institutions. by R. Laishley
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