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Educational Travel Trivia: Italian Pick-Me-Up

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Which Polynesian island belongs to Chile?


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Высококвалифицированные специалисты (ВКС) - особенности, требования, нюансы.
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Adventures of a naked girl in love

by slimboy_fat

Ms. Tami Smithers was giving a presentation in a luxurious, wood-paneled boardroom. The impeccably dressed people around the table were listening to her every word as she stood and pointed to charts. Though everyone else was fully and formally dressed, Vice President of Research Smithers led a naked life. As she gestured, pointing up at the chart or drawing imaginary diagrams on the table, the V.P.'s breasts, which were large and drooped down slightly, swayed to and fro. Just above table level, her large, limp clitoris hung languidly over her fat, pink pussy lips, sticking out from the middle of her abundant pubic hair.
After her presentation was over, Ms. Smithers went with some of her subordinates out to a courtyard which was filled with people sitting at concrete benches,...

Caroline kennedy: dumb ditz with a sense of

by family-entitlement

Kennedy appeared to insult women's magazines when she responded to a question by one of the reporters to recall, for the sake of storytelling, the moment she decided that wanted to be the senator from New York.
"Have you guys ever thought about writing for, like, a woman's magazine or something?" she asked, to which the reporter countered by asking what she has against women's magazines?
"Nothing at all, but I thought you were the crack political team here," she answered.
The unscripted response was followed by Kennedy saying she wishes she could draw on a moment and will think about it a little more

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Where is the best place to study abroad for an education major?

I've been looking into study abroad programs for next summer, and they all seem very interesting, but I'd like to go somewhere that would help with my major, interdisciplinary elementary and middle school education.


I'm writing this assuming that you want an experience you can apply to a career in some fashion (not necessarily as experience you can put on your resume) and that you plan to continue on the educator and/or liberal arts route (clearly you would not care about where to study abroad if you wanted to be a mathematician, since experiencing the world is not really needed for that subject). This is pretty much what I did when considering a study abroad program.

The first thing to do is sit down and figure out where you want to be in 5, 10, and 20 years after your degree is…

Plz help w/ imformation about LEONARDO DA VINCI!?!?!?!?

Okay I have to write a paper about leonardo da vinci!
Here r all the questions i have to answer:
Birth date?
Date of Death?
Age at death?
Where di he get his education?
Five interesting facts about him?
What was his discovery(ies)
How do u think the world is better because of their discoveries?

Born: 15 April 1452 in Vinci (near Empolia), Italy
Died: 2 May 1519 in Cloux, Amboise,

Franceda Vinci was educated in his father's house receiving the usual elementary education of reading, writing and arithmetic. In 1467 he became an apprentice learning painting, sculpture and acquiring technical and mechanical skills. He was accepted into the painters' guild in Florence in 1472 but he continued to work as an apprentice until 1477. From that time he worked for himself in Florence as a painter. Already during this time he sketched pumps, military weapons and other…

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