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Top 5 Italian course destinations this summer


If you’re thinking of heading to Italy this summer, here are our top locations to learn Italian (and keep cool)…

In Mediterranean countries such as Italy, August is traditionally a month where city dwellers pack up and head to the beach to escape the heat. Whilst this means that large cities are less crowded than at other times of the year, and that accommodation is less expensive, it does also mean that many shops and restaurants are closed.

Most of Italy’s seaside resorts are at their most crowded in July and August, but this gives the towns a really lively atmosphere – and if you do a language course, you won’t have the normal struggle to secure accommodation as this is arranged on your behalf. If you do opt for an Italian language course at one of the prime beach resorts in Italy, it’s wise to get booked up as early as possible.

image1. Tropea

You might not be the only one thinking that heading to Italy’s coast is a good idea in the summer – in fact, you should expect to share beach space with a good number of Italians who holiday in Tropea – but the crowds are a small price to pay for a slice of Tropea in summertime. This small, attractive town perched on a cliff above the sparkling Tyrrhenian Sea in southern Italy boasts a stunning piece of coastline, with white sandy beaches stretching in both directions – making it a real ‘holiday’ for those who want to sunbathe or cool off in the sea after class.image Back in town there are plenty of cosy trattorias and a lively local marketplace, but Tropea remains small-town Italy at heart. The excellent school here offers a varied activities programme to help you make the most of your time whilst learning Italian in Tropea: there’s sure to be plenty going on around the Italian holiday of Ferragosto on 15th August.

2. Taormina

Situated on a terrace of Mount Tauro, overlooking the sparkling Ionian Sea and with spectacular views of Mount Etna to the west, it’s easy to see why Taormina has been attracting visitors for so long. Its beautiful sandy beaches and balmy climate also go some way to explaining its popularity! Taormina has more to offer than the average beach resort, every summer playing host to the internationally renowned arts festival ‘Taormina Arte’. During the festival there are some fantastic shows and events to enjoy, all of which promise a great insight into Italian culture and plenty of opportunity to immerse yourself in the language.

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Offers for Italian Language courses?

I'm interested in holiday courses in Italy, for learning Italian language...
Do you know special or last minute offers?

Hi Veronica, this school has prepared a Last Minute for learning Italian Language, take a look!

Would you learn a language fluently if you lived in the country for a year?

I am currently looking at university courses and have been looking into studying abroad for a year because it just sounds really interesting. I was wondering out of interest that if I were, for example, to go to study in Italy for a year, bearing in mind I have no previous experience of the language, would i learn it fluently/semi fluently. I wanted to know because although it wont influence my decision I've always wanted to know another language. And Italian was just an example I'm not sure where I would go yet. Also, if i were to live in Japan or china would their languages and…

With languages such as German, Spanish, Italian, French, etc. it is definitely possible to become fluent within a year. When using the word fluent you have to keep in mind, this doesn't mean perfect. When using fluent, I refer to being able to have a steady conversation with native speakers at ease and not having to translate in your head before you speak. Also being able to understand movies and TV in your target language would be part of that.

Many students do youth exchange programs and when they arrive in their host country, they know nothing about their host language.…

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