College in Italy free Distributes Free Bitcoins to College Students – In one of the most progressive steps to expand Bitcoin’s territory, popular Bitcoin online wallet has decided to give away free bitcoins to college students. To avail this gesture, students are only required to make an account on using an ‘.edu’ email address.

The news comes right after the recent announcement of two MIT students that raised $100 worth Bitcoins for the undergraduates in the campus. In their announcement, Coinbase itself has mentioned the aforementioned fundraiser to be its sole inspiration. “We were inspired by this project and hope we can contribute to the growing interest of bitcoin among college students, ” it said.

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The international Bitcoin wallet servicing company is distributing $10 worth Bitcoin.

How Such a Give Away Can Boost Bitcoin Popularity?
A learning mind is always open to new ideas and innovations. And what can be a better audience for Bitcoin but a student who will believe to improve the technology, rather than reject it downrightly. We believe what Coinbase, and those MIT students, are doing is preparing a future generation for an open and transparent economy, which is controlled by people for the people. The liberal minds, when accumulated together, can create wonders for digital currencies. This give away might be a small step towards that direction, but it will surely open the gates for many customers and innovators to understand and implement the Bitcoin technology.

Is Coinbase's Idea a Success?
Yes indeed! The website has listed a leaderboard, which lists the most popular universities, alongside the number of students, which have taken advantage of the Coinbase new scheme. The leading university domains belong to Illinois, Utexas, Berkeley, Purdue, Drexel, and many others.

As a true Bitcoin enthusiasts, praises Coinbase for their efforts and urges our readers (who are students) to try out this revolution called Bitcoin.

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Looking for work just for fun

by -

I come from a wealthy family and haven't worked at all since I graduated college in 2001. Ever since I graduated college I mainly pursued my own interests and travelled, been to Greece, Japan, Italy, among others. I am tired of having too much free time and having my days just go by. I just want to bring a small contribution to the world and bring some meaning to my life. Anyone have recommendations about someone in my situation? I am not looking for something too professional and demanding. What kind of work could you have so much fun at that it almost could be considered a hobby?

Wanted: Personal trainer or motivated walker

by In_or_near_Clearwater

I'm a 27y/o female near the Pinellas Trail in Dunedin. I'm going to Italy in May & want to look a little thinner. I want my family to be surprised. The problem is that I'm lazy about working out when I don't have someone pushing me. I'm a college student so I'm on a budget. If you can offer me free or inexpensive personal training one or two days a week that would be great!

I had to pay to go to school in Italy

by cary444

But I really meant that school here is far from free as a parent with two boys in college...we undermind our country by not educating our citizens to the highest level they can personally achieve. We shouldn't put young adults into debt to get jobs that don't really require college educations and for the jobs that do we should pay for them to go to school.

Moving to ny

by genny

Ive lived here for 7 years (4 in college - 3 out) and have lived in several areas
lower east side - particularly madison street, which is on cusp of chinatown - pretty cheap (3 bedroom, 1 bath - each paid about 680) but neighborhood not that great
moved to upper east side - lived in another 3 bedroom on 97th bw madison and fifth (which is right by central park) - each paid about 850, again for 3 br/1 bath
now living w/ just one other person in 2 bedroom/2bath on first ave and 90th - each pay 1025
ues is still a relatively afforadable area, although living by yourself is clearly hardest/most expensive - im pretty sure that cost of living in manhattan (and surrounding areas) is higher than san diego - but its important to note that jobs usually pay more as well

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Where to go when in Italy?

I am going to be graduating college soon and as a thank you to my parents I am planning to take us all to Italy. I know we would like to hit Rome and the Vatican City but other than that I am clueless.

I know Venice is popular but I don't think there is anything there that would be of interest to us since its more of a 'romantic' spot.

Florence is another I heard frequently but I don't know what is there. I heard that maybe some of the Michelangelo sculptures are there but I do not know for sure.

I know Tuscany is beautiful and that maybe and…

The Amalfi Coast is very scenic and many movies were shot there--"The Talented Mr Ripley" for example. Well worth the effort to visit.


How can I stay on a budget in Italy?

I'm a college student and I want to stay on a budget...I'm trying not to spend more than $1000 US dollars. (All we have to use our money for is food and fun stuff like discoteccas, and activities. We are going there for 1 month- July.) How can I do that? Our rooms are already paid for.

We will be in Perugia, but also visiting other places such as Venice, Capri, Assisi, Naples and Florence.
Our teacher said that instead of eating out everyday we can go to the market.

Also, how much are discoteccas ?

If you could give advice, that would…

1000$ is 650€ ... for a month should be ok.. discoteche can have different prizes :from the one who lets girls enter for free but need to drink something(they fix the prize of first drink, more or less 10€) to the ones is very expensive(also 40€) ... you have to ask...
to eat calculate from 10 to 25 €, depending what you eat( ex:pizza and beer is like 15€, pasta is like 8-12€), you can save some money at luch eating at the bar a sandwitch (2€)...

Advise NEEDED where to go to Europe & how to travel?

I am in the process of trying to plan a trip to Europe with three of my buddies and we have no idea where to go.

Does any one have advice as to what would be a great country for us to go to? We are looking to stay somewhere for about one and half to two weeks long. We are all single and looking to go somewhere that has a great night life as well as some good sights to see during the day. We were thinking about possibly doing a tour trip through multiple countries using Contiki or EF College Break but assumed we might be able to do the same trip tours on our own for half the…

I would also recommend Italy.
Its small enough to see a chunk of it in that time and there are lots to people to meet up with and travel around.
If you stay in hostels you can easily meet people ( as its very social) and meet up with them later or change your plans and go round with them. (try or would travel by train (between main places) and buses where needed. (um I think the address is is the national rail network. You can get tickets from electronic booths in train stations, you don't have to book prior, but it gives you prices/times/places etc)
bus, maybe…

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I don't want to think about it..

no expectations means no disappointments..

plus I'lll be 31 ugh old.

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