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Italian language courses in Rome

Learn Italian in Rome: Italian courses organized by our Italian language school

Italian Language courses in Rome

Here you can find all information about our held in Rome school. Don't forget to give a look also to our held only in our school in Rome.

The are taught by Italian speaking native teachers. You will immediately start using and thinking in your new language with the help of our native Italian-speaking instructors who are prepared and trained to make each lesson meet the individual needs of the group members, keeping you engaged in lively dialogues and drills. User friendly audio visuals help you develop a natural ability to speak Italian.

Scuola Leonardo da Vinci has developed its own methodology. Textbooks are designed to accelerate the learning process of Italian.Italian courses in Rome: Course for Italian teacher Grammar is presented in an organised and logical manner followed by examples, an array of practice exercises and short stories that gives the students and the teachers many opportunities to talk in Italian.

All the programs have been designed with the intention that, independently of the duration of the course, the student can obtain very good results. Knowing in depth Italian grammar, practising in writing and reading and speaking in the real language with real situations are the basic pillars of the Scuola Leonardo da Vinci method.

The teaching staff can count on academic support and on-going training under the supervision of the director of studies and with the co-operation of the teacher training department. The optimal quality of teaching that the school offers is constantly reinforced through teachers' meetings and classroom observations.

The are held in the morning or in the afternoon. You can join daily activities, meet fellow students, or enjoy exploring Rome. We allow a maximum of 12 students in one class to optimise the quality of our classes.

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